Solano Community College

Safety Committee


The Solano Community College Safety Committee is an advisory committee that was established to serve as an advisory resource for the Superintendent/President on policies, procedures and programs to promote a safe environment and healthful attitudes on the part of all employees, students and visitors.  The committee meets to discuss safety issues and campus concerns.  The committee also provides planning related to safety enhancements, emergency contingencies and disaster preparedness. 

The committee encourages the participation of all personnel in initiating, maintaining, and improving safe practices and conditions for Solano Community College. 


Meeting Date  Minutes
May 9, 2019 Minutes 05/09/19
April 11, 2019 Minutes 04/11/19
March 14, 2019 Minutes 03/14/19
February 14, 2019 Minutes 02/14/19
May 10, 2018 Minutes 05/10/18
March 22, 2018 Minutes 03/22/18
September 12, 2017 Minutes 09/12/17
July 11, 2017 Minutes 07/11/17
April 18, 2017  Minutes 04/18/17